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Why choose Us?
Realty Rx provides many valuable services to help you in buying, selling, and financing your home.

◾ Flexibility and Experience
Despite the fact that we are a solid loan specialist that controls the procedure, Realty Rx is specialized real estate and mortgage loan company we are not owned or controlled by a bank. Banks are loaded with formality that can abate the procedure and make it clumsy. Banks likewise offer charge cards, protection, auto credits, financial records and an assemblage of different items. Our firm specializes in wholesale lending. That implies we can give the greater part of our assets to verifying our clients are fulfilled as they work with our home loan specialists.
◾ Controlling the Mortgage Process
As a loan specialist, Realty Rx controls the whole mortgage application and submission process. Each mortgage is started through licensed Mortgage Loan Originator working out of a nearby office. As a buyer you have the decision of meeting with a loan officer eye to eye, chatting on the telephone or working totally on-line. From that point we continue the application process to work toward a pre-approval.
◾ Restricting Red Tape
Banks are laden with formality that can moderate the loan process and make it awkward. Banks offer a variety of products such as credit cards, credit protection, auto credits, insurance, financial records and a group of different items. Realy Rx specializes in Mortgage Lending only and have the expertise to find the right mortgage for you.
◾ Aggressive Prices and Programs
Realty Rx's quality provides for us the capacity to offer an extensive variety of home loan programs at wholesale proving. What's more in light of the fact that we are not claimed by a bank, we are not constrained to one wellspring of items for the purpose of evaluating. Banks are too enormous and their home loan specialists can't control the methodology. Nearby, free and solid – we are an ideal choice for you.
◾ Above all - Service, Service and Service
Numbers can just let you know to such an extent. All the more altogether, the way we treat our customers and one another says a lot. Realty Rx Mortgage has created a society depicted with two words – Helping and Teamwork. We fill in as a group with each one customer so we can help them accomplish their objectives with negligible anxiety. Our staff is here to help our customers consistently during the lending process.

Quality, value, innovation, decisions and administration. We keep sight of the way that we are serving the individuals who live inside our neighborhood groups. Our objective is not to turn into the greatest, however to be perceived as a trusted accomplice and supplier of value administrations inside you.

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