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VA loans are government-backed financing for those veterans who have served our country, including active reserve members. A VA loan will allow you to borrow up to 100% financing on loan amounts up to $417,000.

Reasons to choose a VA Loan:
  • You are a Veteran or are currently an active reserve member
  • You're looking to purchase, refinance or take cash out
  • You don't want to put any money down
  • You are already in a VA loan and looking to refinance
Before you start searching for your new home, it is always recommended to first get Pre-Approved from a VA approved lender. This process starts with a 15 minute phone call (619) 788-6531 to get you prequalified over the phone.

From here, we’ll need to verify the following documents:
  • Most recent LES or Pay Stubs (one month)
  • Last 2 years W2 statements
  • Last 2 years Federal Tax Returns
  • Last 2 months Bank Statements
We’ll eventually need your Certificate of Eligibility, which we can help you obtain. Once you have this paperwork ready, Contact a VA Loan Specialist at (619) 788-6531.
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