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Tiffany Schaldach
Realtor, Broker, Owner
Senior Loan Officer

Tiff3.jpg With over 15 years of real estate operations and lending, Tiffany Schaldach has developed a detailed system for the short-sale process. As a licensed real estate sales person who quickly built her short-sale business after transitioning from loan origination empathetically consults home owners who may have questions regarding their lending institutions.

Her listing agent’s clients have owned and short-sold various properties such as $100,000 single family residences to muliti-million dollar commercial property. Her most valuable specialization is building long-term relationships with her listing agents and building a strong rapport with their sellers. Homeowners are very comfortable communicating with her directly so the real estate agent is able to focus his/her energy on originating new business.

She offers her agents personalized support by speaking with seller’s directly to explain the short-sale process to give the sellers that “warm fuzzy feeling” before the listing agreement appointment. Specialties:Specialize in working with real estate agents and investors.
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